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Classic Barbarian Game Online - Play Free Classic Barbarian Game

A mighty blow of your sword can be enough to win glory as well as honor in these miserable times. Well known and a real firecracker in the world of the games at that time. Barbarian lives up to his bloody name since its publication in 1987. The British game developer Palace Software showed themselves to not be averse against the new home computer Commodore 64 or Atari ST and took advantage of the new platforms on the mass market. The whole concept of the action game will probably seem familiar to you. Based on the stories of "Conan the Barbarian", you, including your sword, will find yourself in dark vaults or in forest clearings. There, an adversary is already waiting for you who wants to prevent you from taking the victory and advancing in the game of Barbarian. You should seek out a certain magician named "Drax" and defeat him in a bloody fight so that the charming lady named "Princess Marina" can be saved. In the 80s, this action game was been enormously criticized for its brutal look, which led to an indexing in Germany at that time. As part of the randomness principle, the opponent's head can be knocked off with a sweeping turn. Incidentally, this fact did not prevent the developers from developing a sequel for the fledgling gaming market. Once you have become familiar with the extensive keyboard control, the game is on already. In a great VGA scene, you meet an opponent in each round, which is very similar to you. You have to overcome him. You do not have a second or third life! If you do not survive the round or lose your head by way of a heavy blow, then your body will be dragged away from the square by a little troll in Barbarian. At the top of the online game, you can see your life energy in the form of round "drops of blood". Any hostile encounter lets these drops be halved. If you are just out to get some action, you can use the multi-player mode and compete against a friend. Have Fun!

How to Play the Free Online Barbarian Game

Use the arrow keys to move, and spacebar to attack. There are 3 game modes: Arcade, Versus, and Spirit. In Arcade Mode you will have to fight your way through several barbarians to face drax the Evil Sorceror and save the hot babe. In Verus mode you play head to head against your friend at the same keyboard. In Spirit Mode you get to duel against the spirits of heroes who have gone before you. Win enough victories and your spirit will be immortalized to challenge heroes to come.

Play Classic Barbarian Game for free online today

Do you like some classic action, and do you also enjoy to play a good action game online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Barbarian game online.

Barbarian - The Game History

From the ancient times to the early Middle Ages, small barbarian tribes were everywhere, which attacked the civilized and peace loving villages, looting as well as pillaging them. Generally, the residents did not remain alive, when they were standing up against such attack in order to defend themselves. Today, we call less "civilized" people barbarians, who do not want to submit to any authority, and also do not shy away from violence. A barbaric procedure would therefore be seen as uncivilized, primitive. Despite cultural differences and differently developed nations, the world has no more barbarian tribes that could unite these properties in themselves. The world has become much more civilized, and we can all fight a Barbarian any time we want by playing online action games.

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