Brick Mania

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Brick Mania Game Online - Play Free Classic Breakout Games

Here is a cool flash game inspired by the video games Arkanoid and Breakout with fun power ups and excellent gameplay. Once you have begun playing, you have to live with the feeling that you want to achieve more and more. This free online game has a lot of levels, so your fun will last a while. Have Fun!

How to Play the free Brick Mania game

Use your mouse to play this fun breakout game online. Please press the left mouse button to start the shooting. Then move your mouse to control the ball.

Play Brick Mania breakout game for free online today

Do you have a passion for classic breakout games, and do you also enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our classic Brick Mania game online for free. Am I right? ;)

Beat each level and Advance as the Winner

Do not worry, the mania will certainly not take you, but you better be prepared that you might not be able to get Brick Mania out of your head too soon. Once you have begun, you have to live with the feeling that you want to achieve more and more. You want to beat each level and advance as the winner of each mission. So prepare for an exciting and lengthy mission, since Brick Mania will grip you from the first second. Be daring and send the ball to his brilliant travels with just one click. Already from the first level onward, no grace period is granted to you! The game starts immediately without further ado. You see a bar at the bottom edge, which you can move to the left and right with your mouse. Shoot the ball thereon in an upward direction and begin to destroy the blocks. You have to pay particular attention and be careful that the ball does not slip away from you. Once this little ball comes back, you have to catch it and toss it back up. In this way, you destroy all the blocks once and for all. You collect a big plus of points in your account for each destroyed block. But keep your eyes open: The ball should not escape from you under any circumstances. Pay attention to whether objects fall down from the destroyed blocks, for some provide you with new energy, but others also make you get confused, which can very quickly lead to the unintentional termination of the game. Attention is everything. This is the only way in which you can defeat the free Brick Mania game.

Game Over describes the end of a game

Each player knows the two short and scathing words "Game Over". This unpopular word combination describes the end of a game, which the player could not cope with due to a lack of achievement. In recent decades, however, this is not always the case. A game can be finished of course, if the player has won. How exactly the term found its way into the game world can no longer be determined. In 1975, Gun Fight was released, which was one of the first games that used this combination of words to let the players know about the end of the game. After the display appears, the player can activate a saved game or press the Continue button.

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