Double Blaster

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Double Blaster Game Online - Play Free Classic Breakout Games

A breakout game based upon Arkanoid, but with two paddle ships. Skip balls to impact blocks and clear all to pass the level. Keep your ball from going off field by utilizing oars on the bottom and right half of the playing field. The green items won't affect the ball nor the play field. The light blue items help to avoid the loss of the current ball. The red items will help ot blast the bricks. You can only equip 2 red items, if you take one more the first one will be unequipped. Have Fun!

Play Double Blaster for free online today

Do you have passion for classic breakout games, and do you also enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our classic Double Blaster game online for free. Am I right? ;)

How to Play the Double Blaster game

Use your mouse to play this fun breakout game. Mouse movement control both paddle ships. Click to launch the ball. Press Space, P or Pause to Pause the game.

Double Blaster is a Nice Game you can Play

Double Blaster is a redo to the fantastic Arkanoid game. This time you need to control 2 immediately and took after by a cool team dancer. Skip balls to impact blocks and clear each one level. Get force ups to better ricochet the ball or annihilate blocks. Anyway be watchful, this is not any block breaking game. Keep your ball from going off field by utilizing oars on the bottom and right half of the playing field. If you are looking forward to a nice breakout game that you can play not just alone, but with friends and family, Double Blaster is simply the game is for you.

Free Online Games are Entertaining and Unfathomable

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