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Watch out, it is time to eat. No, not for you, you hungry warrior. For Pacman! is a website where you can play free online pacman games. Pacman is an all time classic video game, you probably recognize that one yellow avatar eating dots and being chased by ghosts. Since the release in 1981 many clones have been made, one of the most famous ones were Lady Bug, a version generally appealing to female gamers. Here at we have hand-picked the best Pacman online games on the web for you and published them. All our online Pacman web games are free of charge, free of any obligations and a lot of fun. You will find a variety of cool, free online remakes of the classic Pacman game here.

Web Game Sequels of the Classic Pacman Game

On our website you will find a few games mimicing the original Pac-Man games, and several "new" versions. These new game versions often put fun a spin to the original arcade game. Anti Pacman is contrary to Pac-Man as you play the role of the ghosts. In the Simpsons Pacman you get to guide Homer around the maze, while gathering doughnuts. Purp is using an ever-forward moving track instead of a static playing area, which makes the game much more challenging, and players require more quick thinking and reaction skills. Pax Xon is a slicing game where your object is to fill at least 80% of the empty space with the blue tiles before one of the ghosts catches you. Nibblet is a free online game where the objective is to eat all the blue dots in a line without biting into your own tail. Have fun with the online Pacman games at

The History of the classic Pac-Man Arcade game

On May 22, 1980, a video game icon made his debut in Japanese arcades. The small yellow eating ball is undoubtedly one of the most prominent representatives of the computer game history. Pac-Man quickly gained popularity, surpassing games such as Asteroids and Space Invaders to become one of the world's all-time most famous games. It's actually the most successful coin-operated arcade machine ever. According to Guinness World Records, more than 293,000 Pac-Man machines were built and installed worldwide between 1981 and 1987. Some say that Pac-Man's design was inspired by a pizza with a slice out of it. Atari was given the opportunity to distribute Pac-Man in the beginning but declined. Midway wound up with the profitable deal instead. So once again, have a lot of fun with our online Pacman games.