Dracula's Castle

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Dracula's Castle Flash Game - Play Free Pacman Games Online

Pac Adventure - Dracula's Castle offers you a new take on classic Pacman in this addicting, maze adventure game where Pacman's quest is to collect all of the items needed in Dracula's Castle in the different levels to defeat Dracula and save PacGirl. There are various obstacles along your way that you need to overcome and avoid including the bats and ghosts who are waiting to get you. There are certain items to be collected in order to defeat Dracula, as well as keys to unlock the levels. Collect carefully! Beware of the bats and ghosts. Have Fun!

How to play Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control / move your Pacman. Collect all the items needed on each level to help you to defeat Dracula. These items include: Three different color bottles with secret serum (35 units of each color), garlic (220 units), and a sacred cross. Collect the required key to proceed to the next level. Each level may have a total of up to 3 keys to pick up. Collect the diamonds in each level to gain points as you search for the items.

Collect Diamonds in Dracula's Castle

The more diamonds you collect, the more points you receive. There are also hearts (extra lives) for you to collect. You need the extra lives to save yourself if you get bitten by the evil Bats & Ghosts. You have 5 lives in total so try to collect as many extra lives as possible. You can return to a previous level by simply going back from where you came from. This is useful if you forget to collect any of the required items or the only exit from the current level is through the previous level (the current level might be a 'cul de sac' and is just for item collection!)

Pacman Knows how to Push Boxes

There might be boxes blocking your path in the labyrinth, but Pacman can only push them (cannot pull them) out of the way using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Make sure to push the correct boxes and not to block your path any further. You can save or load a previously saved game by using your computer mouse to left click on the wrench in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

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