Extreme Sketch-Pak

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Extreme Sketch-Pak Flash Game - Play Free Pacman Games Online

Extreme Sketch-Pak is a tough Pacman-type game, where your help Pacman to eat all the dots. Use your keyboard arrow keys to move the Sketch-Pak and watch out for the evil Ghoolies! They are very dangerous and their bite is deadly. You lose a life if they catch you. However, you can reverse this by picking up one of the black teeth that are located in the corners of the labyrinth, to bite the Ghoolies back. Note that the teeth are only valid for a short period of time and you should be careful when chasing the Ghoolies as you black teeth power may vanish just a second before you bite the Ghoolie! Have Fun!

How to play the classic Extreme Sketch-Pak game for free online

Move Extreme Sketch-Pak throughout the garden maze with the keyboard arrow keys, Avoid nasty insects and collect as many vegetables as possible.

The Ghoolies in the Extreme Sketch-Pak game

Ghoolies are fast and they throw bombs from time to time to make your life even harder. Collect various bonuses to get more points (Cherries, bananas etc). There is no time to rest as Ghoolies can smell where you are and they will always come after you if you don’t keep on moving. You have to be very quick and accurate, and you have a lot of dots to eat. You cannot stop in the middle of the pathway to turn in this Pacman version – you keep going straight unless you press one of the arrow buttons to turn just a moment before the turn.

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