Ghost Man Advanced

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Ghost Man Advanced Flash Game - Play Free Pacman Games Online

Ghost Man Advanced is an addicting fast-paced pacman-style game for children, teens and Big Kids. Are you ready for some old-school arcade action? Well, look no further. Ghost Man comes with a variety of complex mazes that change each time the game reloads, so you never get bored. Grizzly monsters roam the maze trying to catch Ghost Man, but he can gobble them too after eating up one of the large red (yummy) food pieces located in the maze. Have Fun!

How to play the Ghost Man Advanced game for free online

You play the role of Ghost Man and you begin with 3 lives. You must gobble up all the yellow and red food bits in each level without getting caught by the monsters. If the monster catches up with you, you lose one life. After eating the red food pieces, you have the chance to temporarily chase and swallow up the annoying monsters. Use the 4 arrow keys on your computer keyboard to move Up, Down, Left and Right.

The Ghost Man and the Grizzly Monster

When Ghost Man gobbles up a grizzly monster, the monster's eyes remain and they return to the center cave area where the monster returns to life again. When Ghost Man goes on the attack, the monsters try to scurry away from him, but beware of when the monsters start flashing because this means they are becoming dangerous and Hungry again. The length of time Ghost Man can chew up these monsters varies from one level of the game to the next (becoming shorter as you progress). Many of the mazes have dead ends, so be careful not to get stuck especially when a monster is after you little Ghost Man!

Ghost Man likes to Eat

Gobble up all of the yellow and red food items in the maze to advance to the next level. The game ends when you lose your 3rd life in total. Tips: Plan ahead when to go for the yummy red pieces, and then quickly chase the monsters. Otherwise, you might run out of time and they will have you for lunch. Good luck and have fun filling your mouth with juicy yummy snack bits!

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