Hungry Bugs

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Hungry Bugs Flash Game - Play Free Fun Pacman Games Online

You are a hungry Lady Bird. Eat grass whilst avoiding the nasty beetles (especially the fast pale one). From the very beginning of the fun online game, you have to trick the bugs so that you lose them for a second (by moving behind the wall or opposite direction), so that you have sufficient time to run directly for the available fruit. Once you eat the fruit, you will have several seconds of easy playing. You don't have to avoid beetles anymore - you can even eat them now. Yummy bugs! Oops, don't get carried away, once the beetles stop blinking, you are in danger again. Run for the next fruit and continue eating the remaining grass. Have Fun!

How to play the classic Hungry Bugs game for free online

Use your arrow keys to control your lady bug.

What does bugs eat?

Bugs have caloric and nutritional needs, just like any other animal.Insects eat a huge range of foods. Around half are plant-eaters, feeding on leaves, roots, seeds, nectar, or wood. Praying mantises are predators, hunting other small creatures. Fleas and lice are parasites, eating the flesh or blood of larger animals without killing them. Most bed bugs, however, will feed on any blood available to sustain themselves, if their preferred warm blood is not available.

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