Lady Bug

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Lady Bug Flash Game - Play Free Classic Retro Games Online

The goal of Lady Bug is to eat all "flowers", hearts and letters in the maze while avoiding other insects. The player is represented by a red, yellow, and green character resembling a ladybug while the enemy insects' appearance varies by level. Lady Bug is somewhat of a Pacman clone, but in ways it's also unique. Featuring one of the best musical background and sound effects of it time, Lady Bug appeals to a more female players than the typical other games of 1981. It was not until Lady Bug appeared on the ColecoVision home system in 1982 did it's popularity become mainstream. Have Fun!

How to play the classic Lady Bug game for free online

Move Lady Bug throughout the garden maze with the keyboard arrow keys, Avoid nasty insects and collect as many vegetables as possible.

Fun Facts about the classic Lady Bug game

Lady Bug was not a very popular game when it came out in 1981 as the arcades already had Pacman and they didn't see the need for game so similar. Designed as cuter version and overall Pacman type clone, popularity of Lady Bug the arcade game did not explode until 2 years later, when it came out on the Colecovision home gaming system. By then so few arcade cabinets existed (less then 5,000) that gamers never really got a chance to experience the arcade version too often. One of the less popular video games of the early 80's, however it's popularity soared when it was released on the Colecovision home game system in 1982.

The Story of the Lady Bug Retro Game

According to the Lady Bug game has to do with the survival of the fittest. In a world beneath man's notice, a war is being playing out in the gardens of every home; a survival of the fittest among all insect-kind. One ladybug is destined to outwit all of the others in a mad dash to claim all of the food in the garden before the other insects can get her. Will she be able to use the nature of the garden to outsmart her opponents, or will she end up as worm food. Only you can decide.

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