Mad Pac

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Mad Pac Flash Game - Play Free Fun Pacman Games Online

Help Pacman reach his best friend, Miss PacGirl, who has been imprisoned by the evil ghosts in Mad Pac game. Use the arrow keys to control Pacman. To start the game click on the MadPac logo in the middle of the screen and then press Spacebar on your computer keyboard. Eat up all of the red dots to proceed to the next level. If you are good and fast enough, you will be transferred to the next level before you have eaten all of the dots. Your energy level is going down all the time and you have to finish eating all the dots before you are out of energy. Beware of the ghosts, they will chase you until they fall asleep. Yes, that's right, the ghosts sometimes fall asleep and stop chasing you for a while. However, if you run into one of them when it is awake – they will take a lot of energy from you (depending on how deadly they are). Be careful not to hit various hazardous things on your way. There are certain items among the red dots which will restore your energy and help you stay in the game. The higher the level you go, the more ghosts that will try to catch you. Some of them are faster than the others, so try to be as quick as you can and eat them around. Your best friend, Miss PacGirl, is waiting for you. Hurry up Pacman Hero. Have Fun!

How to play the Mad Pac game for free online

Use the arrow keys to play this free online game. The spacebar is pushed to start the game. You will notice that there are less gravity in space.

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