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Nibblet Flash Game Online - Play Free Pac Man Web Games

Nibblet is a pacman arcade-style game for little kids. The objective of Nibblet is to have your little character eat all the blue dots in a line without biting into your own tail. If you eat a heart, you will lose the last 5 segments of your tail, and that will allow you to move freely. There are 19 levels in this game. Click on 'Level Editor' to create a level of your own. Place walls, hearts and the blue dots any way you wish, and click 'Save' to save your level or 'Play' to begin playing right away. The 'Pause' button allows you to pause the game. Your time, score and current level are shown at the bottom of the game screen, and your remaining lives are displayed at the top of the game screen (indicated as red hearts). You can turn the music on/off by clicking on the sound icon at the right top corner. Remember, the faster you finish a level, the more scores you earn. Have Fun!

How to play the Nibblet flash game for free online

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move up, down, right and left.

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