Pacman Retro Adventure

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Pacman Retro Adventure Flash Game - Play Arcade Action Games Online

Play a classic-style, multi-level, maze arcade game of 256 levels, and enjoy an intense trip into 1980's gaming folklore! Pacman Retro Adventure is a challenging, fast-paced, reactions-based game inspired by the phenomenally-popular Pacman series. Featuring iconic game-play, you must race around a confined play area, gobbling up all of the pellets on the game screen while avoiding the multi-colored Ghosts who hunt in pursuit of your yellow Pacman character. Turn the tables on the ghosts by collecting larger pellets, and score as high as possible by munching on de-activated Ghosts and other fruit power-ups. Have Fun!

How to play the classic Pacman Retro Adventure game for free online

A Flash-based, action arcade game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the massive 256 levels, your task is to gobble up all of the white pellets in the play area using your yellow ‘Pac-man’ character. Control your hero's movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. When all pellets have been collected, you automatically progress to the next level.

Skills required to succeed in Pacman Retro Adventure Game

This high-intensity action flash game requires sharp reflexes, swift and tactful keyboard control, good hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, and great reserves of stamina! Decision making skills also come into play as you ponder when to gobble the larger pellets to send the Ghosts running scared. Don't become over confident however! – This is a legendary arcade game where the baddies can get on top very quickly!

The Ghosts in Pacman Retro Adventure

Different colored 'Ghosts' roam the game screen trying to catch your Pacman character. If Pacman comes into direct contact with a Ghost, you lose one life (You begin the online game with three lives – indicated by the Pacman icons on the right hand side of the play area). However, when you gobble one of the larger pellets in the corners of the play area, the Ghosts turn blue – and are temporarily harmless. You can then also gobble up these blue Ghosts as well as fruit power-ups to increase your score!

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