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Classic Chuckie Egg Game Online - Play Free Chuckie Egg Game

A classic flash remake of the Chuckie Egg game that was popular on the BBC Micro computers, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Atari, Amstrad and Acorn. Before a countdown timer reaches zero you must collect the twelve eggs positioned in each level. Eat the piles of seed to slow down the timer and get points. Have Fun!

Play Classic Chuckie Egg game online for free today

Do you like to eat eggs, and also enjoy to play a fun platform game for free online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you would probably like to play the free classic Chuckie Egg game online right now. Am I right? ;)

How to play the classic Chuckie Egg game online

Use Ctrl to fire, and the Arrow kets to move.

History of the classic Chuckie Egg game

One of the most popular platform game titles of the 1980's was designed by a 17 year old budding software developer. Chuckie Egg never made it into the dimly lit arcade centers, but was owned by almost every gamer with a ZX Spectrum, Atari or Amiga console. It is a simple game with basic controls consisting of direction movements and a jump button; looking back Chuckie Egg's game-play was almost identical to the first Donkey Kong title and the ever popular Space Panic game. These days it is championed as a classic gaming title among enthusiasts and stands proud alongside various other games of the same genre, such as Load Runner and Manic Miner, all of which helped set the standards for future platform games. Chuckie Eggs storyline was simple to say the least; you play the character 'Hen House Harry' an excitable fellow who has to run, jump and climb his way through various challenging levels collecting 12 eggs before the timer runs down. The background is made up of solid platforms, sometimes connected by ladders and an occasional upward moving platform for extra challenge; amidst all of this are a number of ducks which you must dodge or else lose a life. The real story behind Chuckie Egg's rise to fame is a little blurry, but one thing is for sure it was the work of 17 year old Nigel Alderton who at that time was working in the lunch room shop at 'A and F Software' a respected game and computer application development company. Also an amateur software designer himself, Nigel decided to take a chance and spring his unfinished 'Chuckie Egg' game on the company's programmers who at first were amused by this kid's confidence, but was impressed by what they saw. Shortly after Nigel teamed up with a handful of programmers to put the final touches on his creation and it was finally released in 1983 on 3 popular games consoles, before being ported to a wide range of others later down the line.

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