Manic Miner

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Manic Miner Game Online - Play Free Classic Manic Miner Game

Manic Miner is a classic ZX Spectrum 1980s game, and at our website you can play the online flash re-make version for free. This was the Spectrum game with in-game music. In each of the caverns are flashing objects, which you must collect before Willy's oxygen supply runs out. Have Fun!

Play Classic Manic Miner game online for free today

Do you enjoy to play a fun platform game for free online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you would probably like to play the free classic Manic Miner game online right now. Am I right? ;)

How to play the retro Manic Miner game online

Press Enter to start, Space bar to jump, and Arrow Keys to move when you play this free online game.

History of the classic Manic Miner game

Manic Miner, released by Bug-Byte in 1983, is a platform game, which was originally written for the ZX Spectrum. In the game, the player controls a miner character named Willy, who must wander into the caverns to collect valuable flashing objects while avoiding various creatures and enemies, and coordinating jumps and falls. There are 20 levels in the game, with their difficulty gradually increasing, and a limited number of lives for the player, which can be gained additionally every 10 000 points or after completing the game. The stand-out features Manic Miner were truly exceptional for the time; they included excellent playability, colorful graphics, sound effects, and in-game music, which required a lot of CPU attention at that time and was thought to be impossible. The desired effect was achieved by constantly alternating CPU time between the music and game, and resulted in a distinctive stuttery rhythm. Due to its great execution, Manic Miner quickly became one of the most popular and most mentionable games of the time. It was the winner of the Golden Joystick Award in 1983, and was placed third in the "Game of the Year" competition of the same year. Manic Miner was placed high on the top 100 lists of various selections. It was ported to a large amount of different platforms and had several different versions which featured slightly different elements.

Manic Miner - Reception, Sequels, and Influence

According to WikiPedia Manic Miner was placed at number 25 in the "Your Sinclair official top 100" Spectrum games of all time, and was voted number 6 in the Readers' Top 100 Games of All Time in the same issue. It was the winner of a Golden Joystick Award for best arcade style game by Computer & video games magazine in the March 1983 edition. Placed third in "Game of the Year 1983" of the same competition. The sequel to Manic Miner is Jet Set Willy, and it was followed by Jet Set Willy II. Software Projects also released a game in the style of Manic Miner for the Commodore VIC-20 called The Perils of Willy. In addition quite a few unofficial sequels, remakes, homages and updates have been released, even up to this day, including a ZX81 version. An homage to the loading screen appeared in one episode of the 2005 British sitcom Nathan Barley.

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