Ninja Virus

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Ninja Virus Game Online - Play Free Fun Classic Retro Games

Play as a ninja, use ninja stars and swords to get through this 8 bit nintendo inspired game. A great tribute of NES classics of old. Somewhere on a remote island a government experiment took a really bad turn when an explosion released a virus in the air and all the animals on that island turned in powerful and dangerous mutants. This all mess now needs to be cleaned so the special operations ninja squad is brought in. Here your mission starts, but you must proceed with great care and use your fighting and strategy skills at maximum. This game reminds me of the classic Ninja Ryukenden series as there are a lot of similarities involved which I'm sure you will also discover. Have Fun!

How to play the classic Ninja Virus game for free online

Use the Arrow keys to move, A key to fire, S key to jump, and Enter key to select continue. Hit the orange/red balls for power ups.

Play Ninja Virus for free online today

Do you like classic retro games and do you also enjoy to play fun ninja games online? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the Ninja Virus game online for free. Am I correct? ;)

Ninja Virus Game History

Ninja Virus was one of Capcom's first real arcade game hits, surpassing in popularity the company's prior titles including Vulgus, Sonson, and Pirate Ship Higemaru. While not as popular as some of Capcom's series that would debut later in the late 1980s such as Street Fighter and Mega Man, Ninja Virus would become one of Capcom's cementing legacy for the Golden Age of video games.

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