Jupiter Lander

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Jupiter Lander Game Online - Play Classic Jupiter Landing Space Game

A remake of the 1982 classic, Jupiter Lander game. The aim of Jupiter Lander is to land the lunar on the designated pads by controlling the lunar space ship using the throttle and not to run out of fuel by refueling. This is a rather simple computer game, in which you have to try to slowly land a spaceship on the planet Jupiter. For this you have three landing platforms. If you make it to land on one of the three platforms with slow falling speed in the yellow range (meter display at the right of the screen), you get points and a refill of the tank. The game is over when the tank display shows zero. The space ship is destroyed when landing with too high speed or when touching the rock walls of the planet. Have Fun!

Play Classic Jupiter Lander Game for free online today

Do you miss the good old times, and those space games you played when you were a kid. If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free classic Jupiter Lander game online. Am I right? ;)

How to play the class Jupiter Lander game online

Arrow keys to control the lunar. Try to land your lunar space ship on one of the 3 landing platforms. Keep an eye on your fuel level. The space ship is destroyed when landing with too high speed or when touching the rock walls of the planet.

Classic Jupiter Lander Space Game History

Jupiter Lander was released on the VIC-20 in 1982. Many gamers in the modern era would dismiss such a game, but back in the day this really was considered to be state of the art programming. The game used vector graphics which basically are geometric primitives e.g. shapes that are based on mathematical equations/formulae used to represent a graphical image. And the objective was to pilot a module as it prepares itself for touchdown on the moons surface. There were only a few safe landing areas due to the rough and uneven terrain, and these were highlighted. The gamer is awarded points for each successful landing of the module. The amount of points awarded would depend on a few factors, such as how good the module was landed or the difficulty of the landing surface itself. If the gamer crash lands the module, they would face a fuel penalty. To successfully control the module the gamer had to use thrusters to slow it's descent rate, although not as easy as it sounds. Linked to the thrusters was a separate throttle, which was used to vary the power of the thrusters.

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