Moon Patrol

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Play Moon Patrol Game Online - A Classic Moon Buggy Web Game

The player controls a moon buggy, viewing it from the side, that travels over the moon's surface. While driving the moon buggy, obstacles such as craters and mines must be avoided. The buggy is also attacked by UFOs from above and tanks on the ground. Moon Patrol was one of the earliest side-scrolling space shooters and is credited for the introduction of parallax scrolling in side scrolling video games, although Jump Bug featured it first. Have Fun!

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How to play Classic Moon Patrol game online

Use your Mouse to click start. Spacebar to fire, and Arrow keys to move and jump. The player takes the role of a Luna City police patrol officer assigned to Sector Nine, the home of the "toughest thugs in the galaxy." The top portion of the screen shows a timeline style map of the current course, and three indicator lights. The top light indicates upcoming enemy aerial attacks, the middle one indicates an upcoming minefield, and the bottom one indicates enemies approaching the buggy from behind. The map shows five different checkpoints labeled E, J, O, T and Z. Similar to racing games, the time spent during between each checkpoint is compared to the average which determines the number of bonus points allocated to the player. The classic Moon Patrol game contains two courses, the regular and champion course; after completing the first course the color of your buggy changes from pink to red and the classic Moon Patrol video game continues on.

Classic Moon Patrol - Video Game History

Moon Patrol is a classic video game by Irem that was first released in 1982. It was licensed to Williams for distribution in North America. There have been many ports of Moon Patrol to home computers and console game systems. There are a few clones of this classic Moon Patrol game: A bootleg version called Moon Ranger was released in the arcades the same year. An open source clone named Moon Buggy for Unix like terminals is included in most modern Linux distributions.

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