Raiden Space Ship

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Classic Raiden Space Ship shooter game. Raiden was released in 1990, and is one of our newer video games. We consider every video game originaly made before 1990 to be a classic. In the Raiden Spaceship game your objective is to shoot the enemy space ships and nuke them too. Each one of the eight levels ends with a boss. Please wait for the Raiden Space Ship game to load. When all eight levels are completed the game begins again on the first level, only this time the enemies fire at a higher rate.Have Fun!

How to play Raiden Space Ship game online

Use the z and x keys to fire, and the arrow keys to move your Raiden ship.

Play Raiden Space Ship game for free online today

Do you like free online classic space ship games. If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the classic Raiden Space Ship Game for free online right now. Am I right? ;)

Raiden Space Ship - Game Play and History

First released into the arcades in 1990, developed by Seibu Kaihatsu and published by Fabtek. Raiden is a single or two player co-op game of the scrolling shoot 'em up genre. Raiden consists of eight vertical scrolling missions where the player maneuvers the Raiden space ship dodging and destroying enemy robots, buildings, ground targets, and aircraft. There are bombs and missile powerups as well as collectable medals which add to the score. When player dies, the fighter's fragments become projectiles that damage enemies. After defeating the Stage 8 boss, the mission is completed, and player receives 1 million points for each completed loop. Afterwards, it will start back to Stage 1. This time around, enemies shoot faster and at a more rapid rate. Raiden carries on with the successful formula of the many shooters that has preceded it. It is the first game in a successful series of blasters featuring an experimental supersonic attack fighter, that has to defend earth from the invading alien hordes. The name Raiden derived from an actual Japanese fighter that was in service during the second world war.

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