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Commando Game

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Remake of the classic Commando video game, original made for the Commodore 64 game system. In the Commando game you're a one-man army behind enemy lines, tasked with taking on overwhelming odds and achieving the impossible. Armed with only a limited supply of ammunition and your wits, you must navigate through treacherous terrain, dodging enemy fire and strategically eliminating foes. With each level presenting new challenges and increasing difficulty, every move you make could be the difference between victory and defeat. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate commando and complete your mission?

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How to Play Commando Game

Key 5 to add credits. 1 to start. Arrow keys to move. CTRL to fire. Alt to throw grenade. Use the full screen button to play this game on smaller devices.

Classic Commando Video Game - Game Play

In the Commando game players assume the role of Super Joe, a courageous soldier dropped deep into enemy territory. With only a sub-machine gun and a limited supply of grenades, Super Joe must navigate through dense jungle terrain while battling hordes of enemy soldiers. The sub-machine gun offers unlimited ammunition, but the grenades, while limited, can be strategically used to clear obstacles and eliminate multiple enemies with well-placed explosions. Despite the odds, Super Joe is a force to be reckoned with, capable of firing in eight directions to fend off relentless attacks.

As Super Joe progresses through each level, the intensity of the enemy assault increases. At the end of each stage, players must confront a wave of soldiers pouring out of a gate or fortress. These soldiers are commanded by a cowardly officer who quickly flees the scene, though shooting him in the back rewards the player with bonus points. Along the way, players can also attempt to rescue prisoners of war being transported by the enemy, adding to the challenge and excitement of the mission.

The NES version of Commando introduces additional elements to enhance gameplay, such as a more powerful machine gun upgrade, special glasses to reveal hidden bunkers, and an unlimited grenade upgrade. However, these upgrades are lost upon losing a life, adding a strategic element to the game as players must balance risk and reward in their quest for victory. Can you guide Super Joe to safety and complete the mission against all odds?