Commando Game

Commando Game

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Remake of the classic Commando video game, original made for the Commodore 64 game system. Your task is to destroy the army as Super Joe in this influential top-down shooter. Have fun!

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How to Play Commando Game

Key 5 to add credits. 1 to start. Arrow keys to move. CTRL to fire. Alt to throw grenade. Use the full screen button to play this game on smaller devices.

Classic Commando Video Game - Game Play

In Commando the player takes control of a soldier named Super Joe, who starts by being dropped off in a jungle by a helicopter, and has to fight his way out singlehandedly, fending off a massive assault of enemy soldiers. Super Joe is armed with a sub-machine gun (which has unlimited ammunition) as well as a limited supply of hand grenades. While Joe can fire his gun in any of the eight directions that he faces, his grenades can only be thrown vertically towards the top of the screen, irrespective of the direction Joe is facing. Unlike his SMG bullets, grenades can be thrown to clear obstacles, and explosions from well placed grenades can kill several enemies at once. At the end of each level in Commando, the screen stops, and the player must fight several soldiers streaming from a gate or fortress. They are ordered out by a cowardly officer, who immediately runs away, although shooting him in the back awards the player bonus points. Along the way, one can attempt to free prisoners of war as they are transported across the screen by the enemy. In the NES version of Commando, there is a more powerful machine gun upgrade, as well as glasses to let the player view all the hidden bunkers and an unlimited grenade upgrade (the player will lose these upgrades after losing a life).