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OutRun Game

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Remember playing this over and over again in the Arcade. It was a great game at the time, with fantastic sound. OutRun is an action-packed racing game from 1986 that allows the player to race across varied terrain in a readily available Ferrari, complete with a female passenger, over a series of short tracks. Have fun!

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How to Play OutRun Game

Game-play is viewed from just above and behind the car. The roads are full of sharp bends and hazards, contact with which can cause the car to roll and lose the player's time. On each section of track there is a fork in the road, allowing the player to choose which direction he or she wishes to go in. The player has to to complete five track sections in total, out of the fifteen in the game.

Out Run changed video games forever

There was a time, before Out Run was released in September 1986, when video games were yet to discover the joy of just driving. Back then, the reference point for driving games was Pole Position, which came out in 1982 with a host of innovations: colorful pseudo-3D graphics instead of a top down view, a qualifying lap and a track based on a real circuit, a fully seated cabinet with a steering wheel and a gear shift. Out Run was nothing like that. It was laid back and casual, offering a leisurely drive more than a race. It had blue skies and stunning scenery and a convertible Ferrari. It was welcoming, rather than challenging. In arcades, Out Run topped everything else in popularity and "wow" factor for years. The deluxe cabinet version – seven feet long and weighing 770 pounds – had a hydraulic-powered seat, and its vigorous shaking during crashes was thrilling enough that first-time players were eager to make a mistake just to experience it. The visual feast is accompanied by a soundtrack so good that it took on a life of its own and spawned an entire sub-genre of electronic music, aptly called "OutRun". The three main tracks – 'Splash Wave', 'Passing Breeze' and 'Magical Sound Shower' – have been endlessly remixed, reissued and re-imagined through every instrument and musical style. It's still a pleasure to play - if nothing else just to check out all of the amusing ending sequences that play out once each final stage is completed.