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In 1982, Disney released Tron, a movie that took audiences on a journey into a computerized world. The film followed a programmer who gets pulled into the electronic realm of his own creation. At the heart of the movie was a game where players had to outmaneuver each other using motorbikes that left behind a trail of light. Riding on the success of the film, a video game based on this concept was also released. Now, you can experience a similar thrill by playing an online flash version of the Tron game right here on our website. Get ready to immerse yourself in the digital world of Tron and have a blast!

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How to Play Tron Game

You need to use the Z and X keys to simulate the spinner. Press the TAB key while in the emulator, and the menu that appears includes an option for mapping the keys, which is where you can see how things are set up currently. Emulation works okay as long as you don't go full screen; that seems to blank the screen even though the game is still otherwise working. As the player, you take control of Tron and must battle your way through twelve levels of increasing difficulty, with four games per level. Each of the levels is named after a programming language, e.g., RPG, Pascal, COBOL, Basic, ASSEMBLY, to name a few.

The four mini-games had to be completed before moving on to the next level. The mini-games are as follows: Light Cycle, where the player had to take control of a light cycle and try to cause opponents to crash by running into each other; Grid Bugs, where all the bugs have to be destroyed, and the player has to escape into the input/output tower before the time expires; Tanks, where the player had to destroy all the enemy tanks; and MCP Cone, where all the blocks have to be cleared in a "breakout manner" before the player can move inside the cone to complete the game.

History of the Tron Video Game

Tron, a coin-operated arcade video game, was manufactured and distributed by Bally Midway in 1982, following the success of the Walt Disney film of the same name released earlier that year. It is believed that the video game made more money than the motion picture upon its immediate release. Tron was distributed in three types of arcade cabinets: the standard upright, the mini upright, and the cocktail (table) version. All cabinets feature an 8-way joystick for movement, with one button for firing or speed control, and a rotary dial for controlling the direction of the fire.

Both the film and the game still have a huge cult following. The Tron game was published and developed by Bally Midway, programmed by Bill Adams, and first released into the arcades in 1982. The game is a single or two-player video game of the arcade video game genre. Tron has been converted to a variety of different systems since its original release in 1982.