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Xevious Game

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Xevious is a classic vertical scrolling shooter arcade game by Namco, released in 1982. Xevious was designed by Masanobu Endo. In North America, the Xevious video game was manufactured and distributed by Atari. Xevious runs on Namco Galaga hardware. In Brazil the arcade cabinet was printed with the name Columbia' for the game, while the software shows the original name Xevious. Have Fun!

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How to Play Xevious Game

Use the arrow keys to play and the x key to shoot.

Xevious - Game Play

The player uses an 8-way joystick to pilot a combat aircraft called a Solvalou, which is armed with a forward-firing Zapper for aerial targets and a Blaster which fires an unlimited supply of air-to-surface bombs for ground targets. The classic Xevious game was noted for the varied terrain below, which included forests, airstrips, bases, and mysterious Nazca Line-like drawings on the ground. There are various aerial enemy aircraft which shoot relatively slow bullets, as well as fast-moving projectiles and exploding black spheres. Ground enemies are a combination of stationary bases and moving vehicles, most of which also fire slow bullets. Giant floating Andor Genesis motherships appear in certain areas; these are killed by knocking out their cores. These are considered one of the first level-bosses to be incorporated into a video game. The online Xevious video game scrolls through 16 areas, looping back to Area 7 after Area 16. If the player dies, play normally resumes from the start of the area. If the player has completed at least 70% of the area before dying, play will begin at the start of the next area. As the Solvalou constantly flies forward, it is possible to advance without killing any enemies.

The History of the Classic Xevious Video Game

The classic Xevious game was one of the earliest vertical scrolling shooters and greatly influenced video games in this genre. The graphics of Xevious were revolutionary for their time, and characters were rendered with remarkable clarity and effect through careful use of shades of gray and palette-shifting. Xevious was one of the first video games to have hidden bonuses which are not mentioned in the instructions but can be revealed by a secret maneuver. In the Xevious game the flag gave the player an extra life and this feature was carried over to numerous subsequent Namco video games. In 1983, the original Xevious was the first video game to actually have a television commercial aired for it for the North American market. Atari promoted this classic game with the slogan "Are you devious enough to beat Xevious?" and closed the commercial with a tag line branding it "the arcade game you can't play at home." This may have been the first TV commercial for an arcade video game. Atari also produced a TV commercial, specifically for Xevious. Today, you can play the classic Xevious video game online for free.