Battleships Game

Battleships Game

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Battleships (also called Sea Battle) is a strategy type guessing game for two players. It is known worldwide as a pencil and paper game which dates from World War I. It was published by various companies as a pad and pencil game in the 1930s, and was released as a plastic board game by Milton Bradley in 1967. Have fun!

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How to Play Battleships Game

Play game by tap or use your mouse. You can use the special skills to find out enemy's ship and win the game. There are 3 different enemies here.

Battleships - Description of The Classic Sea Battle Game Game

The Battleships game is played on four grids, which represents the sea. There are two for each player. The grids are typically square, usually 10 X 10, and the individual squares in the grid are identified by letter and number. On one grid ( sea battle field ) the player arranges battle ships and records the shots by the opponent. On the other grid (sea battle field) the player records his or her own shots. Before play begins, each player secretly arranges their battle ships on their primary grid. Each ship occupies a number of consecutive squares on the grid, arranged either horizontally or vertically. The number of squares for each battle ship is determined by the type of the battle ship. The battle ships cannot overlap (i.e., only one ship can occupy any given square in the grid). The types and numbers of battle ships allowed are the same for each player. These may vary depending on the rules. After the battle ships have been positioned, the Battleship game proceeds in a series of rounds. In each round, each gamer takes a turn to announce a target square in the opponent's grid which is to be shot at. The opponent announces whether or not the square is occupied by a battle ship, and if it is a hit they mark this on their own primary grid. The attacking gamer notes the hit or miss on their own tracking grid, in order to build up a picture of the opponent's battleships fleet. When all of the squares of a ship have been hit, the ship is sunk at sea, and the ship's owner announces this (eg. You sunk my battleship!). If all of a player's battle ships have been sunk at sea, then the Battleships game is over and their opponent wins.

A different version of Battleships in India

A slightly different version of the Battleships video game is played in India. Instead of announcing whether a shot is a hit or miss on a ship immediately, the players simply say how many of their opponent's three shots were hits, and if so on what kind of ship. This allows for more strategy in game play and loosens the Battleships game dependency on luck. A slightly different recording system is used in this variation as there is a new importance on what turn a player hit something on. The battle ships themselves are also slightly different: the Indian Battleships version uses two submarines (two spaces), two destroyers (three spaces), one battle ship (five spaces), and one aircraft carrier (five spaces arranged in a 'T')