Nine Mens Morris Game

Nine Mens Morris Game

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Nine Mens Morris is a fun html5 board game. Remember the feeling of sitting down with your mother or father for a leisurely game of Nine Mens Morris on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Family time may have shrunk over the years, but the fun of this board game hasn't changed a bit. Place your pieces on board form lines or rows of and leave your opponent either with pieces or moves. The online game is based on the Nine Mens Morris game-play. The game is also known as nine-man morris, mill, mills, the mill game, merels, merrills, merelles, marelles, morelles, and ninepenny marl in English. The game has also been called cowboy checkers and is sometimes printed on the back of checkerboards. Have fun!

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How to Play Nine Mens Morris Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen on touch screen friendly devices. The board consists of a grid with twenty-four intersections or points. Each player has nine pieces, or men. Players try to form 'mills' - three of their own men lined horizontally or vertically-allowing a player to remove an opponent's man from the game. The overall objective being to reduce the number of opponent's pieces to less than three or to render the opponent unable to play.

Nine Mens Morris Strategy for Winning

At the beginning of the game, it is more important to place pieces in versatile locations rather than to try to form mills immediately and make the mistake of concentrating one's pieces in one area of the board. An ideal position, which typically results in a win, allows a player to shuttle one piece back and forth between two mills, removing a piece every turn.