Boggy 84 Game

Boggy 84 Game

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Boggy '84 is one of those games of which countless numbers were made in the early eighties during the home computer boom. It is slightly similar to Mappy or Space Panic but without the refinements of said games. You are a man who must collect a set of keys on a level with several floors. You can jump between floors using springboards, which gives you an advantage over your enemies, who must use the ladders to climb between floors. You must also use those in order to descend to a lower floor, mind you. Later levels add touches such as a a ski slope which you must ascend while avoiding the enemies. Hitting them from below will put them out of action, though. Have fun!

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How to Play Boggy 84 Game

1 Player Start: 1, 2 Player Start:2, Coin 1:5, Coin 2:6, P1 Up: Up Arrow, P1 Down: Down Arrow, P1 Left: Left Arrow, P1 Right: Right Arrow, P1 Button 1:LCONTROL or Mouse B1, P1 Button 2: LALT or Mouse B3. Collect a set of keys on a level with several floors. Jump between floors using springboards.