Bomb Jack Game

Bomb Jack Game

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Get ready for explosive action with this online remake of the classic arcade game, Bomb Jack! Take on the role of Jack as he skillfully "defuses" bombs by simply touching them. Each bomb sets off a chain reaction, lighting the fuse of the next bomb in sequence. To score bonus points, players must defuse 20 or more bombs in the correct lit-fuse sequence. But be careful, touching an unlit bomb also defuses it, but at the cost of missing out on valuable points! Navigate the fast-paced gameplay, defuse bombs, and aim for high scores in this thrilling remake of Bomb Jack. Have Fun!

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How to Play Bomb Jack Game

Push Shift and Enter to get the game started. Steer with the arrow keys. Jump and fly with S key. There are more detailed descriptions within the game, and you have also an option to change the keys.

The Legendary Bomb Jack - Game Play

When you play this game you control Jack, a superhero who can leap and glide. Someone has planted 24 bombs at famous tourist sites (the Sphinx and Great Pyramids, the Acropolis, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, and two cityscapes resembling Miami Beach and Hollywood, which appear only as screen backgrounds rather than unique game locations). Jack must fly around the screen to collect the bombs. Each screen uses a different configuration of platforms upon which Jack may run and jump. Eventually, the levels reoccur a number of times with increasing difficulty. Jack "defuses" the bombs by simply touching them. As soon as he has touched the first, he triggers a sequence in which another bomb's fuse lights up, and so on. A player can score a bonus in each round by touching 20 or more bombs in the correct lit-fuse sequence. Jack may also defuse an unlit bomb by touching it, but this impedes his opportunity to score the bonus for that screen. It also delays the appearance of the game's bonuses and power-ups.

History of the classic Bomb Jack game

Bomb Jack, released by Tehkan (later known as Tecmo) in 1984, quickly became a classic in the arcade gaming world. Developed during the golden age of arcade games, Bomb Jack featured innovative gameplay and addictive mechanics that set it apart from other titles of its time. The game follows the adventures of Jack, a superhero tasked with defusing bombs scattered throughout various levels. What made Bomb Jack stand out was its unique approach to scoring: players could earn bonus points by defusing bombs in a specific sequence, adding a layer of strategy to the fast-paced gameplay.

Bomb Jack's success in arcades led to several ports and adaptations for home computers and consoles, further cementing its status as a classic. The game's popularity can be attributed to its simple yet challenging gameplay, coupled with vibrant graphics and catchy music. Despite its age, Bomb Jack remains a beloved title among retro gaming enthusiasts and serves as a reminder of the innovative spirit of early arcade game developers.