Hard Head Game

Hard Head Game

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Hard Head is a 2D side-scrolling platform game which was first released in 1988. The video game puts players in the shoes of a 'Hard Head' - it's similar to Super Mario Bros. As you traverse the sixteen stages, you have to navigate through an obstacle course. You have the ability destroy blocks with your head that sometimes contain power-ups and sometimes walls have to be destroyed with a hammer.

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How to Play Hard Head Game

Use the number 5 key to add credits and then the number 1 key to start the game. Use the arrow keys to move and the CTRL key to jump. You can also customize the controls within the game.

A Preview of some of the Levels

The various stages are filled with strange enemies like Indians, ducks, scissors, insects, cat like creatures and monsters. You fight these creatures with your bubble gun that forms a bubble a round them and lifts them up. The bubble will break after a while, and jumping them on the head will kill them permanently. A stage can be completed if you kick a soccer ball in a goal at the end of each stage. You can play solo or with a friend.