Joust Game

Joust Game

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Play a remake of the classic Joust video game. Travel on top of the ostrich to knock your enemy off their ostrich. Knock your enemy's on the top of the head to turn them into eggs, get the eggs before they produce more enemies. Have Fun!

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How to Play Joust Game

When the Joust game starts in the emulator, it will eventually show the message FACTORY SETTINGS RESTORED and pause. Press the ADVANCE button on the on-screen control panel to set the Joust arcade machine playing and ready for quarters. Press the on-screen control panel to insert quarters and start a one or two-player game. If you would prefer to use the keyboard (or are in full-screen mode), press 5 to insert quarters, and press 1 or 2 to start a one or two-player game. PLAYER ONE: Use the left and right arrow keys to turn the knight, and either CTRL key to flap. PLAYER TWO: Use the D and G keys to turn the knight, and the A key to flap.

History of the classic Joust game

This video game was considered one of the top 10 hits of the early 80's gaming titles, Joust was a classic standalone arcade game machine that took the industry by storm. Released onto the market in 1982 by Williams Electronics, a company that was just getting into video games after successfully dominating the pinball machine field. At first sight Joust had a similar look and feel to many other platform games of the time, including Donkey Kong, Berzerk and the first Mario Brothers, but it was its unique game-play that won over the majority of gaming enthusiasts. Taking a risk the developers of Joust decided to go against the popular trend of the time and create a title that didn't include space ship styled shoot-em-ups or anything to do with killing robots. They chose to focus on giving players top quality graphics and a never before seen medieval theme that saw knights riding around on an ostriches. Jousts background was made up of several carefully positioned rock platforms on-top of a pitch black backdrop. There was no real storyline; the player assumes the role of a yellow knight who must kill a group of evil knights in order to progress to the next level. The controls were relatively simple consisting of a joystick for directional movements and a button for flapping the ostrich's wings; the more you hit the action button the higher the character would fly. To kill another knight you must charge at him whilst flying at a higher level; if you hit the enemy while at a lower level to him you inevitably lose a life and have to start all over again.

Reception and legacy of the Joust Game

According to WikiPedia Joust was developed by Williams Electronics, with John Newcomer as the lead designer. The decision to use birds prompted Newcomer to deviate from the then standard eight-direction joystick. He implemented a "flapping" mechanism to allow players to control the character's ascent and descent. With the vertical direction controlled via the arcade cabinet's button, a two-way joystick was added to dictate horizontal direction. Though other Williams employees were concerned over the design, Newcomer believed that a direct control scheme for flight would strengthen the connection between the player and the character. Given the different control scheme, Williams was concerned that the game would be unsuccessful. Though arcades were hesitant to purchase the game for the same reason, Joust sold well. Williams eventually shipped 26,000 units, and Electronic Games in 1983 described it as "tremendously popular". The game play mechanics influenced titles by other developers. Joust was followed by a sequel four years later, and was ported to numerous home and portable platforms.