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Joust Game

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Prepare for a thrilling adventure with this remake of the classic Joust video game! Take control of a brave knight as you ride atop a majestic ostrich, engaging in intense aerial battles against formidable foes. Your objective? Knock your enemies off their ostriches and then strike them on the head to turn them into eggs. But the challenge doesn't end there – you must quickly collect the eggs before they hatch into new enemies. With fast-paced gameplay and strategic combat, this Joust remake promises endless excitement and fun. Are you ready to test your skills and emerge victorious in this epic battle? Have Fun!

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How to Play Joust Game

When the Joust game starts in the emulator, it will eventually show the message FACTORY SETTINGS RESTORED and pause. Press the ADVANCE button on the on-screen control panel to set the Joust arcade machine playing and ready for quarters. Press the on-screen control panel to insert quarters and start a one or two-player game. If you would prefer to use the keyboard (or are in full-screen mode), press 5 to insert quarters, and press 1 or 2 to start a one or two-player game. PLAYER ONE: Use the left and right arrow keys to turn the knight, and either CTRL key to flap. PLAYER TWO: Use the D and G keys to turn the knight, and the A key to flap.

History of the classic Joust game

This video game quickly rose to fame as one of the top 10 hits of the early 80s gaming era. Joust, a classic standalone arcade machine, was unleashed onto the market in 1982 by Williams Electronics, a company renowned for dominating the pinball industry. Despite its initial resemblance to other platform games like Donkey Kong and Berzerk, it was Joust's unique gameplay that captivated gaming enthusiasts. Instead of following the trend of space-themed shoot-em-ups or robot battles, the developers took a bold step, offering players top-notch graphics and an unprecedented medieval theme featuring knights riding ostriches.

Set against a backdrop of carefully positioned rock platforms on a pitch-black canvas, Joust lacked a formal storyline. Players assumed the role of a yellow knight tasked with defeating evil adversaries to advance to the next level. The game's controls were relatively straightforward, with a joystick for directional movements and a button for flapping the ostrich's wings. Timing was key – charging at enemies while airborne at a higher level ensured victory, while engaging them at a lower level spelled defeat, forcing players to restart their quest anew.

Reception and legacy of the Joust Game

Joust, developed by Williams Electronics with John Newcomer as lead designer, introduced a unique control scheme due to its bird-based theme. Departing from the standard eight-direction joystick, Newcomer devised a "flapping" mechanism for players to control their character's flight. Vertical direction was managed by the cabinet's button, while a two-way joystick handled horizontal movement. Despite initial concerns from Williams employees about the unconventional controls, Newcomer believed this scheme would enhance player immersion. Despite worries about its reception, Joust exceeded expectations and became a hit, with 26,000 units shipped. It influenced other developers and received a sequel four years later, along with ports to various home and portable platforms.