Monster Bash Game

Monster Bash Game

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Publication date 1982. You play as Lil' Red, a 10-year-old boy who discovers two haunted residences and a graveyard in his neighborhood. An old man tells you that to vanquish the monsters, you must first light a candle that will in turn make a sword available to power you up and allow you to kill them. Both the candle and sword will only last a certain amount of time and once expired must be reactivated by walking across them. Have fun!

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How to Play Monster Bash Game

Use the number 5 key to add credits and then the number 1 key to start the game. Use the arrow keys to move and the CTRL key to shoot. You can also customize the controls within the game.

Monster Bash - Game Play

In the first house, Dracula wanders around platforms connected by ladders. There are also teleporter doors that allow you to enter one and come out of a related door. You have a zapper weapon that will get rid of smaller enemies such as bats, and slow down the main monster that will chase you. Once you grab the sword, the main monster will move away from you. Once you zap it with the sword, you move on to Frankenstein's castle with a similar platform side view. There are small werewolves which can duck under your zaps also. Vanquishing Frankenstein with the sword, moves you on to Chameleon Man's graveyard. This time in top-down view, you go through maze-like passages where spiders wander along with the main monster, a Chameleon that can shoot out it's long tongue at you and blend in to the background color over time. There are three different colored circles which when walked over will eliminate barriers of that color in order to access where the candle and sword are more easily as well as making the Chameleon visible again. Killing the chameleon restarts the three levels over again at a higher difficulty.