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Monster Bash Game

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Monster Bash is a thrilling platformer that transports players to a spooky world filled with monsters, ghosts, and ghouls. Released in 1993, this classic game follows the adventures of Johnny Dash, a young boy with a knack for monster hunting. Players must guide Johnny through haunted forests, creepy graveyards, and eerie castles, using an array of weapons and tools to defeat the monstrous foes that stand in their way. What sets Monster Bash apart is its stunning graphics and atmospheric soundtrack, which create a chillingly immersive experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. With its challenging gameplay, memorable characters, and spooky setting, Monster Bash is a must-play for fans of classic platformers and horror games alike. Have fun!

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How to Play Monster Bash Game

Use the number 5 key to add credits and then the number 1 key to start the game. Use the arrow keys to move and the CTRL key to shoot. You can also customize the controls within the game.

Monster Bash - Game Play

In the first house, Dracula roams platforms connected by ladders, with teleporter doors offering a clever twist to the navigation. Armed with a zapper weapon, you can eliminate smaller foes like bats, and slow down the main monster chasing you. The game takes an intriguing turn when you acquire the sword, which not only forces the main monster to retreat but also enables you to defeat it. Once you've dispatched Dracula, you progress to Frankenstein's castle, where the platform layout mirrors the previous level. Here, you'll encounter smaller werewolves that can evade your attacks by ducking, adding a layer of challenge to the gameplay.

After overcoming Frankenstein, you advance to Chameleon Man's eerie graveyard, which presents a different perspective with a top-down view. Here, you navigate maze-like passages infested with spiders and the elusive Chameleon. This foe can shoot its tongue at you and blend into the background, requiring keen observation to spot. To aid your quest, there are colored circles that, when crossed, remove barriers of the corresponding color, facilitating access to essential items like the candle and sword. Defeating the Chameleon marks the completion of the three levels, but the game doesn't end there; instead, it restarts at a higher difficulty, offering a fresh challenge for those seeking more adventure.