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Retro Legends Video Games Online - Play Fun Legendary Classic Arcade Game offer free online legendary classic video game entertainment. Our online collection is an amalgam of the greatest retro games ever made. We have online versions of some of the most popular and interesting retro arcade games you can think of. Not only in this category, you should be able to find these kind of legendary video games all our website. In our challenging levels, you'll experience exciting action and captivating gameplay. We at choose to call these arcade video games for retro legends, just because that's exatly what they are. You can play our online version of these legendary classic video games, and you should expect that some memories are brought back from those days your were you played them at an arcade machine. Play modern flash variations of Oregon Trail and Dig Dug, complete with authentic game sounds and graphics. Or, play updated legendary fighting games, including Mortal Kombat and Kung Fu Master. All of your arcade desires are waiting to be fulfilled with our retro legends game collection.

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Our online retro legends collection gives you an opportunity to play classic side-scrolling action, or jump, race, fight, and even fly in a variety of different online arcade challenges. You can even deliver newspapers to people in the legendary Paperboy game, if you at some time in your life have delivered newspapers, then we know for sure you will love to play that game. Can you imagine how much fun you can have with an elevator, neither could we, until we re-discovered the Elevator Action game. You wouldn't believe how much action and motion that can take place around an elevate if you add some enemy spies and secret agents to the mix. All in all if you enjoy good old legends of retro games, then our classic game website is the right choice for you.

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Regardless of the legendary retro adventure you choose, our classic arcade games feature easy-to-learn controls. Use your keyboard and mouse to shoot, move characters, drive fast and fly in and World War 2 airplane. Earn points, virtual money, and you can even compete against your friends in some of our games. Start playing today and become a master of the virtual retro legends arcade!

The Legend of Polybius - A Scary Arcade Story

According to Polybius was an arcade cabinet was released in incredibly limited numbers in the early 80s. While that's not strange on its own, what was bizarre was how the game was only released in a few neighborhoods in the surrounding areas of suburban Portland, Oregon. Polybius would cause players to suffer vivid nightmares and, in some cases, suicidal tendencies. Thanks to a violently powerful strobe effect in the cabinet, players would also find themselves fighting epileptic seizures. Polybius vanished and has retired to the realm of conspiracy. Some believe the cabinet was released by DARPA (the same government agency behind MK-Ultra and those killer robot videos you see all over YouTube) to test response to psychoactive machines. Even stranger are reports that once a week men dressed in black would come through and collect the data stored on the game's memory. The truth about this, we might never know.