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Eliminator Game

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First published in 1981 by Gremlin, Eliminator is a multiplayer space combat game created by Sega of Japan. Featuring color vector graphics, it stands out for its cooperative and competitive gameplay. Players control spaceships, aiming to destroy alien drones and ultimately the massive asteroid base known as the Eliminator. Shots can rebound off enemies, and players must strategically destroy the Eliminator by firing into its center trench. Eliminator offers a unique gameplay experience with its four-player mode, allowing simultaneous attacks on the Eliminator while avoiding enemy fire and other players' ships. As players progress, the game becomes more challenging with tougher enemies and faster-paced action. With its innovative mechanics and engaging gameplay, Eliminator remains a standout title in the arcade space shooter genre.

10,779 play times

How to Play Eliminator Game

1 Player Start: 1, 2 Players Start: 2, Coin 1: 5, Coin 2: 6, Service 1: 9, Service Mode: F2, P1 Left: LEFT, P1 Right: RIGHT, P1 Button 1: LCONTROL or Mouse B1, P1 Button 2: LALT or Mouse B3, P2 Left: D, P2 Right: G, P2 Button 1: A, P2 Button 2: S

The Bounded Playfield

Eliminator is a top-down space shooter game set in a confined playfield. Players control a ship using rotation, thrust, and forward-firing controls, similar to games like Asteroids or Space War. Each stage is filled with automated drone ships or other players, and the main challenge is the titular enemy: a moving, rotating space fortress surrounded by a deadly force field.

The Circular Force Field

The circular force field instantly destroys anything that hits it. Shots fired by the player and the drones are non-lethal; they simply bounce the target off the walls. The exception is the enemy ship inside the Eliminator - it can and must be destroyed by shooting through the structure's narrow opening. If this isn't done quickly enough, it will emerge and start pursuing the player with deadly fireballs.