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Galaxian Game

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Galaxian is a classic space arcade game developed by Namco in October 1979, and published by Namco in Japan and was imported to North America by Midway that December. A fixed shooter-style game in which the player controls a spaceship at the bottom of the screen and shoots enemies descending in various directions, it was designed to compete with the successful earlier game Space Invaders, which had revolutionized the gaming industry upon its release. Unlike Space Invaders, which was black and white and featured enemies that could only move vertically and horizontally as they descended, Galaxian had a color screen and enemies that descended in patterns and came from various directions. Galaxian was highly popular when released, and has been a focus of competitive gaming ever since. It spawned a successful space game sequel, Galaga, in 1981, as well as many later ports and adaptations.

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How to Play Galaxian Game

Enter key is the start button, you might have to hit enter, then shift, and enter again to get the game started the first time. Steer your spaceship with arrow keys and shoot with the S key. You can see more detailed control description within the game, and you can also change the controls if you desire. Wave after wave of alien armies assault the player's ship, which navigates left and right at the bottom of the wraparound screen. The ship can only fire one shot at a time. After defeating one wave, a more aggressive and challenging swarm replaces it in the next stage. A plain and repetitive starfield scrolls in the background.

The Galaxian - Classic Space Ship Game

The classic game Galaxian features a horde of attacking aliens engaging in a fierce battle with the player. Unlike Space Invaders, Galaxian introduces an element of suspense as the aliens periodically dive kamikaze-style at the player's ship, the Galaxip. This innovation makes Galaxian the first video game to give enemies distinct personalities.

The game's plot unfolds with a title screen displaying the message "We Are the Galaxians / Mission: Destroy Aliens." Swarm after swarm of alien spaceships relentlessly attack the player's ship, which maneuvers left and right at the bottom of the wraparound screen. With only one shot allowed on screen at a time, players must skillfully navigate the onslaught of enemies. Defeating one alien swarm only brings forth a more aggressive and challenging swarm on the next screen. Meanwhile, a plain and repetitive starfield serves as the backdrop, immersing players in the thrilling galactic battle.

Galaxian introduced several "firsts"

Galaxian was very successful for Namco and introduced several "firsts". While not the initial color video game, Galaxian advanced RGB color graphics with multi-colored animated sprites and explosions. It utilized different colored fonts for the score and high score, a scrolling starfield, and graphic icons indicating the number of ships left and completed rounds. The game also introduced a basic theme song and more prominent background music. These features collectively established a visual and auditory standard for many 1980s arcade games, including Pac-Man.