R-Type Game

R-Type Game

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First time published in 1987, R-Type is a classic spaceship shooter game. Please wait for the classic game to load. R-Type upon it's release was believed by many gamers to revolutionize the genre. It was also known for it's incredible level of difficulty. The game sported amazingly fluid game play, and beautifully rich graphics and level design. R-Type is a true video game experience, and deserves it's status as one of the best shoot 'em ups ever. Have fun!

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How to Play R-Type Game

Make sure not to leave the page while the game is loading, then it will not work. First use the number key 5 to add credits. Then click the number 1 key to start the game in one player mode. You can steer the spaceship with the arrow keys. Use CTRL to shoot. If you click tab you should get access to see and modify all the controls.

The History of the classic R-Type game

This classic game was developed and published by Irem for release in Japan in 1987 and by Nintendo for it's North American release. R-Type is a single or multi-player gaming experience of the classic shoot 'em up genre. The gamer plays the role of a pilot on-board a futuristic fighter, the R-9a. The objective, to destroy the Bydo Empire. What made the game unique was the level design, which can be classed as an enemy itself. The R-9a come equipped with a standard cannon, but if the fire button was held down the cannon would charge and fire a huge blast that would take down all but the strongest of enemies. Another previously unseen feature was the force. This was a detachable laser cannon that could be attached to the front or back of the R-9a. It would absorb all enemy attacks. It could also be used as a weapon in itself, and could be fired into the enemy before being pulled back. Conversions and Sequels Due to the success of the classic game, various sequels were released, these include; R-Type 2 (1989), R-Type Leo (1992), R-Type 3: The Third Lightning (1994), R-Type Delta (1999), R-Type Final (2004), and R-Type Tactics (2007). The original video game has also been released on several of home based consoles and computer gaming systems, including; Amstrad CPC, Commodore Amiga, Sega Master System, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Wii, and Sony PlayStation. Today you can play this classic video game for free online at any time.