Couronne Game

Couronne Game

Couronne Board Game Online - Play Free Retro Karrom or Carom Games

Couronne game is a strike and pocket game similar to billiards, or pools. Here in couronne (also known as karrom or carom) you will use the mouse shoot the pieces. Controls are intuitive to any gamer. You will aim and shoot the disk using your mouse. Try out any zig-zag shots you used to play in a carrom board. Have fun!

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How to Play Couronne Game

Game played with mouse, or by tapping your touch screen. You need to aim and shoot.

Couronne is similiar to Pool in many ways

Couronne is a free online board game that is similar to pool in many ways. The rules of the game are easy; you try and get the pieces from the centre and into receptacles at the four corners of the tiny table. You get the pieces to move using a master piece called a striker. The pieces, also known as coins float on the board very easily. Each player selects which coins he is going to use by pocketing wither the white or the black first. The first person to finish all his coins and then pocket the red coin wins. The free online game starts with an aerial view of the board. You can select the perspective or top view. You can also decide whether you want to play against the machine or whether you want to play against another human being. This is great because you can play with your friend or sibling. In order to play, simply move the cursor where you would like to place the striker, then click and pull back. There is a strength indicator which can guide you on how much force you are applying. A line will also appear that will show you which direction you are aiming at. If you have played pool before then you will know just how you should aim. The force and aim are the ones that will determine where the coin will go. If you are very good you can force a coin to push others into the pockets. This kind of shooting will need some practice; then you can ask your friends to come in and play a tournament and see who can be the king of Couronne. This is a special way to spend time with you friends as you try to eliminate each other from a tournament; better still, you can play for a prize that you have all contributed to.

Couronne is best played when you are in a group

Couronne is a game that is best played when you are in a group. This is because you can get to take each other out. However, this is the kind of game that you get to play over and over. Couronne is a game that came from the East. It is very popular in the Asian regions of India and Pakistan. In these countries, you will find bars where each table has a Couronne board and people just play as they sip their beer. The game is also popular in families, and will be played at certain functions. There is a variation of the board game which is called Duboo and is only found in Karachi. The strategy when playing carom is similar to that of pool, where you use angles, rebounds to pocket the coins. You can also hide your opponent’s pieces using your own so he cannot see them. The pieces are designed such that they slide easily on the board. The board is extremely smooth, and the smoothened pieces glide along very easily. If a board is scratched too much, then it would become useless. That is why the board and pieces need to covered when not in play.