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Lady Bug Game

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Lady Bug is a thrilling insect-themed maze chase arcade game that burst onto the scene in 1981, produced by Universal Games. Inspired by the beloved Pac-Man, Lady Bug adds its own twist to the formula with the innovative ability to shift gates and alter the maze layout, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay. Players must guide their red, yellow, and green ladybug character through the maze, devouring flowers, hearts, and letters while outmaneuvering a variety of enemy insects. Each circuit around the maze releases more enemies, upping the stakes and the adrenaline rush. Lady Bug's standout feature is its captivating musical background and sound effects, setting it apart from other games of its time. Surprisingly, Lady Bug's appeal extended beyond typical arcade demographics, attracting more female players than many other games of 1981. Its popularity soared even higher when it hit the ColecoVision home system in 1982, cementing its place as a classic in the arcade pantheon. Get ready for a maze adventure like no other with Lady Bug!

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How to Play Lady Bug Game

Push the number 5 key to insert coins, number 1 key to get the one player game started. Move Lady Bug throughout the garden maze with the keyboard arrow keys, Avoid nasty insects and collect as many vegetables as possible. The speed of the circuit increases on stages 2 and 5. Unlike the more famous Pac-Man, the player can alter the layout of the maze by shifting any of the twenty green gates. It is not possible to completely isolate a portion of the maze through gate-shifting. When the fourth enemy insect enters the maze, the central area will show a level-specific vegetable. Eating a vegetable gives the player bonus points and immobilizes the enemy insects for several seconds, though touching them is still lethal. The randomly placed skull icons are lethal to ladybugs and enemy insects. An enemy insect who dies returns to the central area. Once a vegetable is eaten, the central area will remain empty unless an enemy insect dies and is re-released, revealing a new vegetable. A ladybug who dies will shrink from view and be briefly replaced with icons resembling the stereotypical wings and halo of an angel.

Fun Facts about the classic Lady Bug game

Lady Bug initially struggled to find its footing in the competitive arcade scene of 1981, overshadowed by the immense popularity of Pac-Man. Despite its cute design and Pac-Man-inspired gameplay, Lady Bug failed to capture the attention of arcade-goers. However, its fortunes changed dramatically two years later with the release of the Colecovision home gaming system. Lady Bug's arrival on the Colecovision breathed new life into the game, propelling it to newfound fame and popularity. Prior to its home console debut, the limited number of arcade cabinets (less than 5,000) meant that few gamers had the opportunity to experience Lady Bug in arcades. While initially one of the less popular video games of the early 80s, Lady Bug's leap to the Colecovision in 1982 transformed its fortunes, ultimately securing its place as a beloved classic.

The Story of the Lady Bug Retro Game

According to the Lady Bug game has to do with the survival of the fittest. In the unnoticed world beneath our feet, a fierce battle rages in the gardens of every home—a survival of the fittest among insects. One brave ladybug is poised to outmaneuver her rivals in a frantic race to claim all the food in the garden before they can catch her. Will she cleverly exploit the garden's natural features to outsmart her opponents, or will she fall prey to the lurking dangers? The outcome rests in your hands alone.