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Contra Game

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Play a modern version of the original Contra in your browser for free. Contra, a legendary arcade game released by Konami in 1987, is a relentless, adrenaline-pumping battle against alien forces. Players take on the roles of commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, armed to the teeth and ready to take down the vile Red Falcon Organization. With iconic side-scrolling action, players navigate through challenging levels filled with enemy soldiers, aliens, and deadly traps. Contra's intense gameplay is enhanced by power-ups, including iconic weapons like the Spread Gun, which unleashes a barrage of bullets, and the Laser Gun, which cuts through enemies with precision. With its cooperative multiplayer mode, Contra delivers a truly immersive experience, challenging players to work together to defeat the alien horde and save the world.

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How to Play Contra Game

Click enter key to start. Shoot with X key. Z key to jump. Use the arrow keys to move around. You can also modify game controls within the game.

Fun Facts about the original Contra game

According to ther are many fun facts about the original Contra game. In the mid-to-late '80s, Konami found itself in the midst of its Golden Age, and Contra was one of Konami's biggest console hits of the era. First released in Japanese arcades in 1987, Contra is a run-and-gun game inspired by the hit American action films of the day, and most obviously the Rambo series and Aliens. Although by no means the first run-and-gun game, Contra was unusual for its two-player simultaneous action, which was a relatively unusual addition for the time, and for its upright screen. Usually reserved for vertical shooters like Galaga or Konami's own Twinbee, the upright screen was an unusual choice for a game with horizontally scrolling platform action. The fan affection for the Contra series is such that early entries in the series are now highly sought-after by collectors. A copy of the Japanese Famicom original in good condition could set you back around $75 or more on eBay, while Japanese copies of Contra: The Hard Corps on the Sega Mega Drive, which is one of the rarest of the sequels could cost upwards of $400.

The Original Contra Video and Arcade Game

According to WikiPedia Contra is a video game series produced by Konami composed primarily of run and gun-style shoot-em-ups. The series debuted in 1987 as a coin-operated arcade game simply titled Contra, which was followed by the release of Super Contra in 1988 and several sequels produced for various home platforms. The majority of the Contra games are side-scrolling shoot-'em-ups where the player takes control of an armed commando who must fight all sort of extraterrestrial monsters and other kinds of futuristic menaces. In addition to the side-scrolling stages, the original Contra also featured 3D view levels where the player must move towards the background in order to progress. The original Contra, and its initial sequels are set in the 27th century, and center around two commandos named Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, who are members of a special guerrilla task force codenamed Contra repeatedly sent to thwart an army of alien invaders seeking to destroy the Earth.