QIX Game

QIX Game

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The player has a limited number of lives and can lose a life if the Qix touches a line as it is being drawn, or by being touched by spark - enemies that traverse all playfield edges except uncompleted lines. Additionally, a fuse appears if the marker stops moving while in the process of drawing Stix, disappearing when the player starts moving again. The player has no defenses thus all enemies must be outmaneuvered. A time meter located at the top of the screen is responsible for the countdown of the entry of additional Sparx and the mutation of all sparks to Super-Sparks, which have the ability to chase the player even up an unfinished line. After the player completes two levels, the difficulty increases. This includes multiple Qixes and sparks, speed increases, and the eventual appearance of only super sparks. In levels with two Qixes, the player can also complete the level by drawing a line that splits the play-field into two regions each containing a Qix, thereby increasing the multiplier and starting a new level. Have Fun!

10,672 play times

How to Play QIX Game

Press F3 to pass the language screen then use: 5 to insert coins, 1 to start 1 player game, arrows to move, ctrl to draw fast, alt to draw slowly. Simple but very addicting!

Fun Facts about the original QIX game

The trick to scoring in this game is to isolate the Qix in a small section of the screen by building narrow "peninsulas" out of short quick segments. Then, once the Qix was fairly trapped, bridging a small gap with a slow segment would result in almost all of the screen being filled with the red (double score) color and bonus for area over 75. It is possible to confine the Qix in as little as 1 or 2 of the screen.