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Cosmic Alien Game

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Cosmic Alien is a space based shoot-em-up game from 1979 in the style of Galaxian. Formations of aliens consisting of chiefs, guards, commanders and soldiers, are attacking your ship, which can only move horizontally along the bottom of the screen. Groups of aliens will occasionally swoop at you, and you must avoid both them and any missiles they may shoot at you. The different types of alien have different movement and firing patterns. Points are awarded for shooting the aliens, with the various types being worth different amounts and swooping aliens being worth more than the ones in formation. The largest bonus is given for killing a chief and its three guards all in one swoop. The last alien left on the screen will grow into a larger form and rush your ship. Once all of the aliens have been destroyed, the next screen starts. Have fun!

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How to Play Cosmic Alien Game

1 Player Start: 1, 2 Players Start: 2, Coin 1: 5, Coin 2: 6, Tilt: T, P1 Up: Up Arrow, P1 Down: Down Arrow, P1 Left: Left Arrow, P1 Right: Right Arrow, P1 Button 1: LCONTROL or Mouse B1, P1 Button 2: LALT or Mouse B3, P2 Up: R, P2 Down: F, P2 Left: D, P2 Right: G, P2 Button 1: A, and P2 Button 2: S. You must destroy all aliens and a special monster that sometimes appears on the screen.

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If you destroy all the smaller aliens but one, that last alien will turn into the 'special monster' - a giant gargoyle which is named Bagle. Bagle will then dive bomb the player. Bagle can be destroyed after one hit, as he's really only faster and bigger than the smaller aliens. Game Play Fight the three types of aliens that appear in the different levels. The longer you play the more aliens will fly down to you dropping deadly bombs. Some aliens fly together in a formation making a cool jet sound. Later screens increase in difficulty. The aliens change in appearance, and the ship is moved closer to the enemy on the third and fifth screens. This reduces the amount of time you have to react, and also allows the aliens to attack you from behind as well as in front. Changes to speed and attack pattern are reputed to take place from the seventh screen. You start the game with three spaceships and, with the default settings, an extra one is awarded at 5000 points.