Star Castle Game

Star Castle Game

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Star Castle is a 1980 classic space arcade game by Cinematronics. The Star Castle game involves obliterating a series of defenses orbiting a stationary turret in the center of the screen. The classic Star Castle game was designed by Tim Skelly and programmed by Scott Boden. Tim Skelly also created a number of other Cinematronics titles, including Starhawk, Armor Attack and Rip-Off. As with many other titles by the company, Star Castle was ported to the Vectrex video game console in 1983. Have Fun!

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How to Play Star Castle Game

Use the arrow keys to move/aim, and the CTRL key to shoot. Being hit by anything will cause the loss of one of your four lives, however if you hit the Forcefields you'll only bounce off.

Star Castle - Game Play

The object of Star Castle is to destroy an enemy cannon which sits in the center of three concentric, rotating energy shield rings while avoiding or destroying 'mines' - enemies that spawn from the core, pass through the energy rings, and then home in on the player's space ship. They can stick back to the shield if the player maneuvers in such a way that a ring is between the space ship and the mines. In the Star Castle game the player controlled space ship can rotate, thrust forward, and fire small projectiles. The cannon's shields are composed of twelve sections each, and each section takes two hits to destroy. Once a section is breached, rings beneath it are exposed to fire.

History and Development of Star Castle

The Star Castle game is vector based and monochrome. The colors of the rings and screen are provided by a transparent plastic screen overlay. As opposed to some classic space games, the points will not roll over at 1 million (approximately four hours of game play). The development of the Star Castle game was chronicled in an issue of the now-defunct magazine Science 80, without the knowledge of the designer or programmer of the game. Hence, it may be an inaccurate portrayal of the actual design and development of the Star Castle game.