Dumb Pacman Game

Dumb Pacman Game

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Watch out, it is time to eat. No, not for you, you hungry warrior. For Dumb Pacman! Although the voracious ball already has a little too much on the ribs in our view, he still wants to be fed with as many dots as possible. This is cool new version of the classic Pacman Game where you need to eat dots and to avoid your enemies. When you eat big dots you can eat your enemies and that is your chance to pass level. But watch on the new born enemies. Pacman is a great companion, he only needs to be controlled by a good player. Are you perhaps one who can take on all the challenges along with Dumb Pacman? Have Fun!

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How to Play Dumb Pacman Game

Use arrow keys to play this game. The goal is to wander through the windings of the labyrinth according to your free choosing and to stay as far away from the ghosts as possible. Once they have spotted you, they want to drive you into a corner. If the ghosts catch you, a life will be subtracted from you. After all three lives are lost, the game must be restarted from the beginning.

Pacman was first known as Puck-Man

The small eating ball is undoubtedly one of the most prominent representatives of the computer game history. In the 80's, the always hungry ball saw the light of day. In Japan, the hero came to be known as "Puck-Man". After the Midway company acquired the license to market him, the name was changed to "Pacman" because of the danger of a possible misunderstanding. Since then, the walking disc provides players with a higher adrenaline level as well as addiction conditions. In the beginning, the first Atari versions proved to be unkindly designed pixel worlds. Over time, this negative circumstance was improved upon, which in turn gave the popularity of Pacman a considerable boost.