Kung Fu Master Game

Kung Fu Master Game

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Based on Bruce Lee's "Game of Death," Kung Fu Master hit arcades in 1984, quickly becoming a sensation among C64 enthusiasts. This classic game laid the foundation for many successful titles. As Thomas, you face off against foes of your chosen difficulty, gearing up for intense combat to rescue your girlfriend Silvia from the clutches of Mr. X. Quick reflexes are crucial as you deliver devastating blows with the Z and X keys, sprinting with Shift when speed is key. Each level completed grants a super punch, a lifesaver against overwhelming enemy numbers. With five challenging bosses and various enemies, every battle is a test of skill and strategy. Keep an eye on your life status, enemy count, and energy indicator for a thrilling, action-packed adventure. Are you ready to unleash your inner martial artist and save Silvia? Get ready for the fight of your life in Kung Fu Master!

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How to Play Kung Fu Master Game

Click Shift and then Enter to get it started. Kick with S key and hit with X key. Use arrow keys to move. You can find a more detailed control list and are also able to modify the controls within the game.

Kung Fu is a Martial Art originating from China

Kung Fu, a Chinese martial art with roots dating back thousands of years, is practiced by a select few in its traditional form, with the renowned Shaolin monks being among its most dedicated practitioners. Those who embrace this challenging combat style seek not only physical prowess but also spiritual harmony and inner peace, viewing Kung Fu as a way of life rather than just a martial art. The term "Kung Fu" translates to "The achievement of the people," reflecting the philosophy that guides this ancient discipline. Today, practitioners incorporate music and dance into their training, aiming to enhance concentration and fluidity of movement.

The Bosses in Kung Fu Master

According to the International Arcade Museum everytime Thomas confronts a boss enemy, he must deliver a series of punches and kicks to the vulnerable areas of each boss enemy, but each boss enemy may have a deadly technique to overcome. The stick fighter is armed and dangerous, aiming to strike with precision. The boomerang thrower is equally lethal, launching two deadly boomerangs simultaneously. The giant poses a threat with powerful kicks and punches, while the wizard employs a variety of deadly magic objects, seemingly invincible. Mr. X, the gang leader and final boss, is a formidable opponent, blocking most attacks and countering with his own Kung-Fu techniques. Thomas must strategically target each boss's vulnerable areas, depleting their stamina to progress through five floors and ultimately rescue Sylvia.