Kung Fu Master Game

Kung Fu Master Game

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Based on the movie "Game of Death" from the old master and none other than Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Master was developed in 1984. Rarely has an arcade game excited the masses who felt at home on the C64 as much. On the basis of this classic game, numerous new games were developed, which are counted among the most successful of their kind today. Before you can take on the role of Thomas in Kung Fu Master, you can decide how difficult your opponents are to defeat. Following, you can just look forward to handing out a neat package of beatings at the onrushing enemy. Thomas takes on the burden of the effective distribution because his girlfriend Silvia is being held by a villain named Mr. X. In the respective combat situations, you have to be quick! Using the keys Z and X, you complete fatal blows. With the shift key, you can put down for a sprint, if it is time to go fast. With each successfully completed level, a super punch is released. Sometimes the enemy masses are huge, so you will be pretty happy about this kind of blow. Overall, you can expect five final opponents, all waiting for you with a lot of pleasure as well as their own dangerous ability. An easy battle certainly looks different. If the set default control is too complicated for you, you can change this in the configuration menu. So that you will not unexpectedly suffer death, you see your life status at the top of the action. In the same spot, you can see how many enemies are waiting for you in each level as well as how many final opponents will be forthcoming. At the bottom of the screen, you see an energy indicator, which signals to you when a super punch can be used. Well trained fighters, shooting mini robots and evil bees do not make your life in Kung Fu Master in search of Silvia any easier. Have Fun!

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How to Play Kung Fu Master Game

Click Shift and then Enter to get it started. Kick with S key and hit with X key. Use arrow keys to move. You can find a more detailed control list and are also able to modify the controls within the game.

Kung Fu is a Martial Art originating from China

Kung Fu is a martial art originating from China, which is probably several thousand years old. In its professional and classic shape, only a few people still engage in this style of fighting. In particular, the world famous Shaolin monks maintain Kung Fu daily. People, who are diving into this difficult battle style, strive for spiritual harmony as well as inner peace. Kung Fu must be regarded as a way of life and not as a martial art. "Kung Fu" means "The achievement of the people". This philosophy is at the forefront of this traditional art of movement. Today, music and dance is used during exercise. This is intended to increase the ability to concentrate.

The Bosses in Kung Fu Master

According to the International Arcade Museum everytime Thomas confronts a boss enemy, he must deliver a series of punches and kicks to the vulnerable areas of each boss enemy, but each boss enemy may have a deadly technique to overcome. The stick fighter will try to strike with a stick. The boomerang thrower will throw two deadly boomerangs at a time. The giant can unleash deadly powerful kicks and punches. The wizard can hurl all kinds of deadly magic objects and make himself seemingly invincible. As for the the gang leader, Mr. X, he will block most of Thomas's kicks or punches and attack with his own style of Kung-Fu techniques. Thomas has to kick or punch each boss enemy in the most vulnerable areas until their stamina runs out. Thomas must get to the end of the fifth floor and defeat Mr. X to rescue Sylvia.