Track and Field Game

Track and Field Game

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Dive into the world of classic arcade-style gaming with this thrilling Olympic event extravaganza! Compete in a variety of challenges, from the lightning-fast 100-Meter Dash to the precision of Archery, using a mix of button-mashing and strategic button sequences. The arcade version features events like Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 110m Hurdles, Hammer Throw, and High Jump, each demanding a unique set of skills to master. Get ready to test your speed, strength, and agility in these iconic events. Let the games begin!

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How to Play Track and Field Game

Use the Shift key to navigate the menus and enter key to select. You also need to use the arrow keys on certain events. More detiled controls can be found within the key.

The History of the Classic Track and Field Sports Arcade Game

Looking back at some of the best sports game titles in history, one classic stands out for its influence on the genre: Track and Field 2. Released in 1988 by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System, this game was a pioneer in Olympic-themed gaming. It offered players a chance to compete in a wide variety of athletic events, including taekwondo, hurdles, fencing, pole vaulting, and more.

Track and Field 2 was actually the third installment in a series of Olympic-style track and field titles from Konami. The original game, released in 1983, was simply named Track and Field (or Hyper Sports in Japan). It was designed for large arcade machines with 2 buttons and a joystick, where the faster you hit the buttons, the faster your character would move. This made Track and Field one of the loudest and most energetic games in arcades.

The new Track and Field 2 brought the excitement of the arcade into people's homes, offering three times as many sporting events, improved graphics, and smoother gameplay. Players could represent one of ten different countries and choose from three game modes: training, Olympic events, and a 2-player versus mode. The controls remained simple, with just 2 buttons and the direction arrow pads, requiring players to alternate button hits or press the action key at precise moments for speed and accuracy. This installment propelled the series into the spotlight, inspiring future titles like Nagano Winter Olympics '98 and New International Track and Field.