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1942 Game

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While not a direct replica of the original 1942 arcade game, this exhilarating remake offers a thrilling experience with updated graphics and mouse-enabled controls. Your mission: reach Tokyo and decimate the Japanese air fleet. Engage in defensive aerial maneuvers, including daring loop-the-loops to evade enemy fire. The game's success spawned a series of sequels, with at least five more titles bearing the 19XX name. Use your mouse to take down enemy planes and advance towards the enemy base. 1942 marked one of Capcom's earliest arcade hits, eclipsing the popularity of their previous titles like Vulgus, Sonson, and Pirate Ship Higemaru. While it may not have reached the same level of fame as later Capcom series such as Street Fighter and Mega Man, 1942 remains a pivotal part of the company's legacy from the Golden Age of video games. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure!

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How to Play 1942 Game

The keys 5 or 6 to insert credits, add as many as you want. Use 1 for one player and 2 for two player. Use the arrow keys to steer. CTRL key to shoot.

1942 Arcade Video Game History

The year 1942 holds a significant place in video game history, marking the release of the iconic arcade game "1942" by Capcom. This vertically scrolling shooter game takes players into the heart of World War II aerial combat, putting them in the cockpit of a fighter plane as they battle waves of enemy aircraft and warships across various Pacific Ocean battlefields. "1942" was notable for its innovative gameplay and graphics, immersing players in intense dogfights and challenging missions. The game's success led to numerous ports and sequels, solidifying its place as a classic in the shoot 'em up genre.

What Happend in 1942?

According to ThePeopleHistory.com in 1942 World War II was going on strong. The US Military originally developed Duct Tape, originally called Duck Tape by troops, because water ran off it. Later, it was adapted to Duct Tape due to its use in providing a seal over ductworks. In late 1941 and early 1942, the war in the Pacific was grim for America, losing Guam, Hong Kong, Wake, Singapore, and the Philippines. However, by late 1942, the US began to turn the tide with major offenses at Midway and The Coral Sea. Meanwhile, Allied forces in Europe invaded North Africa in November. Governments in Allied countries worldwide encouraged their populations to support the war effort by donating scrap metal, crucial for producing guns and tanks. Car makers shifted from producing automobiles to manufacturing war materials. In 1942, the average cost of a new house was $3,770.00, average yearly wages were $1,880.00, a gallon of gas cost 15 cents, average monthly house rent was $35.00, and a bottle of Coca-Cola cost 5 cents.

In 1942, amidst wartime challenges, the average cost of a new house stood at $3,770.00, with average yearly wages totaling $1,880.00. Gas prices averaged 15 cents per gallon, while the typical monthly rent for a house was $35.00. A bottle of Coca-Cola could be purchased for just 5 cents, reflecting both the struggles and the resilience of everyday life during this historic period.