Atari Breakout Game

Atari Breakout Game

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Atari Breakout is a classic arcade game with blocks you need to destroy. A ball moves straight around the screen, bouncing off the top and two sides. Choose between the different modes ‘double’,‘cavity’ or ‘progressive’ with each a unique gameplay experience. Double will give you control of two paddles at the same time. Cavity has two paddles, but initially only one ball. The other balls are contained inside walls and can be freed. In the progressive mode the entire wall will come downwards step by step. Have fun!

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How to Play Atari Breakout Game

Move the paddle with the keyboard or mouse. If the player loses the ball, it will result in a lost life.

The Origin of the Original Breakout Game

Breakout was originally an arcade game that first appeared on the scene in 1976. However, it was one of the last games that had been designed exclusively for slot machines. With the increase of home consoles and powerful computers, Breakout was programmed in various versions as a software program. Basically, the game is similar to a game of Solo-Pong, in which the player must shoot a ball in the direction of masonry blocks. If the player loses the ball, he will usually lose a life or a points deduction will be performed. The Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is known to be the developer as well as inventor.