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Gauntlet Game

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Video games these days are being offered for free, so everyone can surely enjoy without spending a dime. Though there are lots of video games online, there could only be one that will feed your interest and it's the Flash Gauntlet. Flash Gauntlet is a video form of the old classic game Gauntlet. With this game, you will have to make your way around many rooms, collecting the keys in order to open the doors. You will also need food so you can restore your health whenever it is decreasing and of course, you won't be called as an adventurer if you have the real treasure. So, you need to first destroy the ghosts using your special magic fireballs or easily cast them a spell to vanish them. Once you have cleared every dungeon, you can now make your way out and start on the next level! Cool game, right? Take advantage of it while it's free. Have Fun!

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How to Play Gauntlet Game

GENERAL: 5 (on top row) - add coins for warrior, 6 (on top row) - add coins for valkyrie, 7 (on top row) - add coins for wizard, 8 (on top row) - add coins for elf, p - pause.
WIZARD: right shift - bring wizard to screen, right shift - wizard magic potion, k - wizard down, i - wizard up, j - wizard left, l - wizard right, right ctrl - wizard fireball.
VALKYRIE: s - bring valkyrie to screen, s - valkyrie magic potion, f - valkyrie down, r - valkyrie up, d - valkyrie left, g - valkyrie right, a - valkyrie throw sword.
WARRIOR: left alt - bring warrior to screen, left alt - warrior magic potion, down arrow - warrior down, up arrow - warrior up, left arrow - warrior left, right arrow - warrior right, right alt - warrior throw axe.
ELF: dot (on numeric pad) - bring elf to screen, dot (on numeric pad) - elf magic potion, 2 (on numeric pad) - elf down, 8 (on numeric pad) - elf up, 4 (on numeric pad) - elf left, 6 (on numeric pad) - elf right, 0 (on numeric pad) - elf shoot arrow.
By the way press tab while in game to change the controls. Highlight what you want to change, press enter and then choose the new key to map.

Retro games have been prevalent for a long time

Retro games have been prevalent for a long time and were initially discovered - as the name proposes - in arcades as far and wide as possible. Their immense bid saw adolescents pumping their pocket cash into them, endeavoring to land the high score on the specific machine and addition credit inside their gathering of companions. They have since made the move over to the home feature amusement business sector, and are a real compel in both the shop-purchased and downloaded diversion market.

The four different player characters in Gauntlet

According to the International Arcade Museum the Gauntlet game havefour different player characters who each have different powers and/or weapons. The Warrior who wields a battle axe; the Elf who carries a bow and arrows; the Wizard who uses magic; and the Valkyrie who uses a sword and a shield. The four players move through mazes searching for various items and killing monsters. The Warrior does the most damage. The Elf does the least damage but is the fastest. The Wizard can do the most damage with potions. The Valkarie is a good combination of strength and speed. Potions found wipe out varying amounts of enemies and enemy generators, depending on which player uses it. A player starts with a certain number of health points by putting quarters in the machine. These tick down with time and damage from enemies. Food replenishes them. Treasure counts for points.