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Paperboy Game

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Check out Paperboy, a clone of the classic Atari video game Paperboy made available for modern web browsers. This online html5 based game is the closest thing you'll find to the original. Paperboy rush maintains all the stuff that made Paperboy so much fun, including riding down the street in your bike, the cars and angry drivers - even the dog who's looking to take a chunk out of your leg. In this free online game, your mission is to deliver newspapers to all the customer houses on the street. But watch out for the black non-customer houses; they don't need any papers. To complete your deliveries, aim carefully and toss the papers onto the door mats or into the mailboxes. Can you navigate the neighborhood and become the ultimate paperboy or papergirl? Get ready for some speedy delivery fun!

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How to Play Paperboy Game

Use your keyboard to play this classic game online. Coin 1: 5, Coin 2: 6, Coin 3: 7, Service: F2, P1 Button 1: LCONTROL or Mouse B1, P1 Button 2: LALT or Mouse B3, AD Stick X Analog: Mouse X, AD Stick X Analog Dec: LEFT, AD Stick X Analog Inc: RIGHT, AD Stick Y Analog: Mouse Y, AD Stick Y Analog Dec: UP, AD Stick Y Analod Inc: DOWN

Fun Facts about the original Paperboy game

Paperboy, the classic arcade game released by Atari Games in 1984, is filled with fun and interesting facts. Did you know that the game's original concept was inspired by a paper route held by one of the developers when he was younger? This personal touch added a unique authenticity to the gameplay. Another intriguing fact is that Paperboy was one of the first arcade games to feature an isometric perspective, which gave players a 3D-like view of the game world. The video game's challenging and unpredictable mechanics, such as avoiding obstacles like cars, pedestrians, and even breakdancers, added to its charm and replay value. The Paperboy game also stood out for its use of humor and quirky elements, like being able to vandalize non-subscriber homes with newspapers. These factors combined to make Paperboy a beloved classic that is still fondly remembered by gamers around the world.

In Paperboy you can bicycle on the Easy Street

Paperboy was produced by Atari Games in 1984. This cabinet was also used for the game Championship Sprint. At the beginning of the arcade game, there are three different streets to choose from for the paperboy to deliver newspapers, each with a different level of difficulty. They are respectively Easy Street (easy), Middle Road (medium), and Hard Way (hard).

The original arcade game had seven stages, one for each day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and lastly Sunday. On Sunday, the newspapers are bigger, heavier, and do not travel as fast when thrown. If you successfully deliver the papers on all seven days, there will be a special feature with a headline that will read "Paperboy Wins Award For Outstanding Paper-Delivery" along with a picture of the paperboy holding a trophy. Afterwards, the game ends. If you make a perfect delivery on any of the days, a customer will resubscribe or there will be a new subscriber. If you lose all lives, the headline will read "The Paperboy Calls It Quits" and the arcade game will end. Also, if you lose all but one life and cause all customers to cancel their subscriptions, there will be a sequence following after the obstacle course where the headline will read "Paperboy Fired" along with a voice saying "You are Fired!" and the game will end.