Tetris Game

Tetris Game

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The arcade game of Tetris have been around since 1984. This shape-based Russian mind-bender set the stage for innumerable puzzle games to follow. The video game became really well known through the Gameboy, where it was included and almost everyone had it and played it. Those days are long gone, of course, and you will ask yourself what you have to do with the Gameboy, at a time when there are such better game consoles. But the Tetris game wows in its simplicity and is still captivating today. How many rows do you manage to build with the blocks and then clear up? To how many levels will your journey take you and do you still show the Tetris checkers today just what you are capable of? You think this is not a problem? Go right ahead and try your luck with Tetris Classic. As the name implies, this is the classic form of the game. Blocks fall and should be brought to a specific location. Each block contains four cubes that are of course arranged differently. You are given the option of rotating them and letting them fall more quickly. In Tetris Classic, you can choose a level to start. Anyone who is playing this arcade game for the first time does well to select the first level. Anyone who has already played this game more often can also start at a higher level and thus increase the level of difficulty. Because with a higher level, the speed at which the blocks fall down also increases and it demands a faster response from you. The blocks are designed in different colors and you take over the steering with the keyboard. At the right, you can always see your current score, the line number as well as the level. So you always know if you are about to crack your personal best and are thus outdoing yourself. Enter in the competition with Tetris Classic and maybe even play against your parents. Have Fun!

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How to Play Tetris Game

The keys 5 or 6 to insert credits, add as many as you want. Hit CTRL key to get started. Navigate the menus with the arrow keys and move the blocks with the arrows. Rotate them with CTRL key.

The timing of Tetris was perfect

Paschitnow could have had the idea for Tetris hardly at a better time. In the early 1970s, Intel built the first mass-produced microprocessor. Shortly thereafter, IBM came out with the first portable computer. And only a few years later, IBM introduced the IBM PC (Personal Computer). And thus began in the 80s what nobody could have imagined even just a mere 10 years ago: Computers started to make their way into households as well as to the private desks. There were suddenly many people willing to play, while the market of video games only slowly adapted to the home computer.

Tetris - One of the Greatest Video Games

According to Slant Magazine Tetris is an arcade game of pure abstraction, its mastery of the simplest possible visual units as ideal and impersonal as the Helvetica font. It's no coincidence that it came to America as an ambassador from a foreign country; like the math equations on the Voyager shuttle, it speaks a language even space aliens could comprehend. The fundamental game-play imperative of fitting blocks together is almost offensively infantile, but players who master the Tetris video game can feel neurons growing as they learn to stop just seeing the shapes, and start seeing the negative space around them. The system recalibrates your perceptions as you explore it, and that's what a great game is all about.