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SkiFree Game

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Embark on an exhilarating skiing adventure with SkiFree, a classic game reimagined for the modern era! Your goal is straightforward: ski as far as you can to rack up points. But beware, the slopes are filled with obstacles and even lurking monsters! While the 2D graphics exude a retro charm, the gameplay is incredibly addictive. You'll find yourself hooked, determined to beat your own ski record time and time again. Keep an eye out for trees and make the most of ski jumps to soar over obstacles and push your limits. Get ready for endless fun on the slopes!

10,880 play times

How to Play SkiFree Game

Press A/D or left/right arrow or use the mouse to move. F to give a speed boost. You can jump after hitting the rainbow platforms.

The Story Behind the Classic Microsoft Skifree game

SkiFree is a thrilling single-player skiing game that hit screens in October 1991 as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows and DOS. In this game, you take control of a daring skier navigating a treacherous mountain slope. Your mission? Dodge obstacles, race against the clock, and perform jaw-dropping stunts to score points, all depending on the mode you choose. Almost everyone who had a Windows PC in the 1990s played SkiFree, but almost none of us know its origins.

SkiFree is a straightforward game: ski down a hill, avoid obstacles, and try to outrun a relentless Yeti. It's a classic example of an endless runner game, perfect for quick, spontaneous gaming sessions. Despite its simplicity, SkiFree has sparked ongoing discussions online. The game provides minimal documentation, only showing controls for restarting, turning, and pausing at the beginning of each run. This lack of information has led to various theories on how to beat the game. Once you pass the 2,000-meter mark, the Abominable Snow Monster starts chasing you at an incredibly fast pace. If you manage to evade it for a while, a second Yeti will appear. There's even a legendary third Yeti that some claim to have seen, though it remains elusive.